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History & Culture

History & Culture
of the city of Pisa
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Pisan cooking

Like all the Tuscan cuisine, the Pisan one is a simple way of cooking that combines rustic recipes and seafood. The typical Tuscan bread (without salt) represents an essential element of cooking in this region.
Another typical indispensable ingredient are truffles, which are particularly popular in this area.
But also Pisa's wines and its olive oil are counted among the best in Tuscany.

Here you can find the most typical Pisan dishes:

PRIMI PIATTI (first course)

Minestra di pane and Ribollita

The Minestra di pane is one of the most famous simple dishes of Tuscan cuisine. It consists of coarsely chopped vegetables (especially black cabbage, typical for this region) cooked with dried bread. 
The dish gave inspiration for another famous Tuscan dish: the Ribollita, created in famers' houses to use food that remained from the day. Ribollita is nothing else than a Minestra boiled for a second time. 

Pappa al pomodoro

Pappa al pomodoro is a rustic "primo piatto" which can also be eaten as a cold meal. Its preparation consists of mixing dried bread, tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil. 

Riso al tartufo alla pisana (Pisan truffle rice)

Riso al tartufo alla pisana is a simple risotto with white grated truffles from the region.

Bordatino alla pisana

This dish is called "Bordatino" because it was prepared and eaten during crossings on board of ships transporting corn. The Bordatino alla pisana is a simple dish made of cornmeal, similar to a kind of liquid Polenta with beans and black cabbage. 

SECONDI PIATTI (second course)

Trippa alla pisana (pisan tripe)

Tripe is a typical dish of many Italian regions; the pisan recipe includes onions, tomatoes and bacon.

Stoccafisso alla pisana (Pisan stockfish)

This is a very easy seafood recipe in which stockfish is cooked together with onions, tomatoes, potatoes, basil and parsley.

Mucco pisano

Steak of mucco pisano is a typical dish of the Pisan area. The "mucco" originates from crossing brown alpine cows with bulls of the natural park of San Rossore.

Baccalà alla pisana (Pisan salted codfish)

In the Pisan recipe the codfish is prepared with leeks, tomatoes and olive oil.


Torta co'bischeri

This is a typical dessert from Pisa. It is a like a pie stuffed with a mixture of rice, chocolate, raisin, pine nuts and candied peel. This mixture is aromatized with nutmeg and liquor.

Torta ai pinoli di San Rossore (Pine nut pie of San Rossore)

Pine nuts coming from San Rossore Park are a typical product in Pisa. Due to their excellent quality they are used in several pine nuts-based desserts, from semi-frozen dessert such as "mattonella ai pinoli" to more classic sponge-cakes.