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Bridges over Arno river

The bridges of Pisa make a sad memory of the bombings that destroyed Pisa during the World War II (especially the one of August 31st, 1943). The brides that were broken in order to cut the city in two parts, were reconstructed afterwards in reinforced concrete, but unfortunately they didn't follow the previous style (as it was done in Florence).
Another tragedy hit Pisa's lungarnos: the 1966 flood damaged even more the area and bridges.
Two bridges were never reconstructed: one of them was located between Ponte di Mezzo and Solferino, and the other one was the connection between Cittadella and the Gate to the Sea.

Ponte della Vittoria

It was originally meant for it to connect Via Fiorentina with Piagge, but this bridge had three reconstructions: it simply collapsed right before the inauguration in 1934; then it was destroyed in World War II bombing, and finally built up in 1950.
It connects Piazza Guerrazzi with the Mezzogiorno quarter, the Fibonacci with Buozzi Lungarno.

Ponte della Fortezza

The ancient bridge was constructed in 1200. It was situated outside the city walls, as a connection with Florence. During the Florentine domination and after the building of cittadella ( The Old Fortress) the bridge was militarized and it was only reopened thanks to Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo.
It unites the Mediceo and Buozzi lungarno in the Tramontana quarter with the Galileo Galilei and Fibonacci lungarno in the Mezzogiorno quarter (right before the entrance to the Scotto Garden).
Before, it was a four arc bridge, but after the 1943 collapse it was renewed as a three arc bridge.

Ponte di Mezzo

Ponte di Mezzo, the Middle bridge, is called like this because it's located in the middle of the city. It is the oldest bridge in Pisa (in fact it was called Ponte Vecchio -the Old Bridge), but it was reconstructed after the World War II. It connects the Gambacorti lungarno with the Galileo Galilei lungarno on the Mezzogiorno side with the Pacinotti lungarno and the Mediceo on the Tramontana side.
Every last Sunday of June, this is the place where "Gioco del Ponte" (the Game of the Bridge) is held. It is an old medieval game which consists in a battle between opposite quarters Tramontana and Mezzogiorno with the purpose to win the opponent's part of the bridge.
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Ponte Solferino

The bridge was reconstructed three times, because it was destroyed in 1943 bombings, when it was called the New Bridge, and it fell down again after the flood in 1966. The last reconstruction was inaugurated in 1974. It unites the Sonnino and Gambacorsti lungarnos on the Mezzogiorno side with the Pacinotti and Simonelli on the Tramontana.

Ponte della cittadella

Also called Ponte a Mare (A Bridge to the sea), it had a lot of changes through centuries since its first version from 1300. In 1872, after it was destroyed because of the river Arno, it was made out of iron. Next time it fell down under the bombings and put up in stonework.
It unites Cittadella with Sonnino lungarno (Piazza San Paolo a Ripa D'Arno).