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The climate in Pisa

We think that the words of Giacomo Leopardi, an Italian poet and philosopher, could give you a very picturesque idea of the climate in Pisa:

sunset on the river Arno in Pisa "I remained charmed by the climate of Pisa: if it lasts like this it's gonna be a blessing. I left ice cold in Florence, only 1° C above the freezing point; here, I found myself in warm, very warm place, that I had to take off some clothes. I like more the appearance of Pisa: this lungarno is spectacular, very beautiful, large, magnificent, cheerful and smiling that makes you fall in love with it. I haven't seen anything like this neither in Florence, nor in Milan or Rome; and I really don't know if there could be found many views of this kind in whole Europe. Winter walks are very pleasant here, because you can feel the smell of the springtime, so during some particular hours of the day this place is full of people and carriages. You can hear ten or twenty different languages; the sun is shinning through bars, workshops and house windows, all of them made in splendid architecture.
Furthermore, Pisa is a mixture of a big city and a small city, between a city man and a rural one, a mixture that romantic that I've never seen before. All of these beauties of the city are accompanied by the beauty of the language. And, I'll add that, thanks God, I feel good; I eat with good appetite; I have a room with a view over a vegetable garden and splendid horizon, the thing that should be forgotten in Florence. "

Giacomo Leopardi, a letter for sister Paolina, November 12th, 1827.