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History & Culture

History & Culture
of the city of Pisa
Traditions, famous people, curiosities

Curiosities about Pisa

Keith Haring Mural TuttoMondo in PisaKeith Haring left in Pisa his last public work: TuttoMondo (WholeWorld). A 180 square meters Mural, representing 30 characters embedded as in a puzzle. The theme is that of peace and harmony in the world.

Each figure represents a different aspect of peace in the world such as: maternity (woman with a baby), man's relationship with nature (a man supporting a dolphin), human scissors (two men defeating the serpent that is eating the head of another man).

TuttoMondo is the first permanent Haring's public work, that won't disappear with time.

To celebrate twenty years from his death, on February 16th 2009 Pisa hosted the "Haring Block Party", which saw the participation of many djs and artists from all over the world who contributed to recreate the festive atmosphere that it was possible to breathe during the painting of TuttoMondo!

Keith Haring mural in Pisa


Pisa Towers

Pisa is famous for its Tower, called the Pisa Tower or Leaning Tower, a unique monument all over the world. But in Pisa you can find other two leaning towers:

  • the Bell Tower of San Nicola Church, near the banks of Arno. The octagonal Bell Tower is a little bit tilted and buried in the pavement compared to the current plan.
  • the Bell Tower of San Michele of Scalzi Church. Probably due to the Arno's flood in 1966 a land subsidence caused the leaning of the Tower, that nowadays has a slope of 5%.