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Shopping in PisaIf you want to go shopping in Pisa you must not miss a walk on Corso Italia, Borgo Stretto and Borgo Largo, Pisa's most central pedestrian streets, essential for Pisan shopping.

Borgo Stretto starts at Piazza Garibaldi and runs northwestwards until via Oberdan, the so-called Borgo Largo. Borgo Stretto and Borgo Largo are definitely the most elegant streets in Pisa, with their medieval arches and Palazzos. Here you can find the most prestigious brands and the city's most expensive and elegant stores.
Corso Italia is a very central street linking Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II and Piazza dei Cavalieri. It is considered as a shopping street since you can find bars and stores of every kind and for any budget.

If you like small markets and stands, in the area of Piazza dei Miracoli everyone gets one's money's worth. But pay attention on the prices, the nearer you are to the leaning tower, the higher are the prices.