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palazzo agostini o palazzo dell'ussero a pisaThe Agostini Palace, also known as the Ussero Palace, is one of the most beautiful and authentic buildings that embrace Pisa's lungarnos.
The building was made between the XIV and the XV century, as one of the first examples of the civil Gothic architecture in Tuscany. Through time, the palace was the property of some different families such as the Astai, da Celino da Capannoli, and at the end it became the property of the Agostini family.
Since 1775 it is the home of the Ussero Caffè, the historic bar that was often visited by some famous Italians at the time, like Giuseppe Giusti, Giosuè Carducci, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, etc..
The palace is also known as the home of the oldest active Italian cinema, the Cinema Lumiére. The first idea of the cinema started in 1899 with some projections in the billiard hall of the Caffè dell'Ussero. The cinema hall then moved in the back of the building, occupying its present position.
Pietro Pierini, a professor of the University of Pisa, made here his experiments in the field of the addition of a sound.
After the World War II, Lumiére changed its name into Supercinema.






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